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Ron Hamara has extensive experience in executive development coaching and has worked for many years in all aspects of the human capital management transition process. One of Ronís specialties is that he works with senior executives who are either looking to transition within their own company or looking at transitioning out of their present company and deciding their future career options. Prior to Hamara & Associates LLC, he was a Partner at Harris McCully Associates, Inc. for fourteen years, a boutique career management firm in New York City. Previous to that, Ron was in Human Resources at UBS and The Toronto Dominion Bank. He was involved in re-engineering, organizational development, talent and leadership development, total quality management, and employee relations, as well as, in management positions as a Human Resources Generalist. His first five years at Toronto Dominion, Ron was a line banker working for a number of different business units in Toronto, Ontario.
Ron Hamara has extensive experience in executive development and transition coaching. As the CEO of Hamara & Associates, LLC, Ron supports executives in identifying and taking practical steps to have the executives reach their goals.
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It is this blend of executive coaching and counseling, his knowledge of how businesses operate and what senior executives need to help them develop in an ever changing marketplace that has created his unique executive coaching style. His work with senior executives in a broad range of industries including luxury goods, legal, financial services, insurance, education and media, provides an in depth knowledge base combining business components, human resource factors, and organizational and talent development.

Ronís coaching style is personal yet direct, practical yet outcome focused, but above all demonstrates a sincere passion for what he does.

Ron received his B.S in Human Resources Management from The University of Detroit and Executive Business and Development courses at NYU and has been the guest speaker at a number of University and Human Resource conferences and roundtables.
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