"The seismic shift in modern business requires us to reconsider and analyze existing notions towards human capital because relevancy has changed.

The long predicted workforce of the future has arrived and companies' greatest asset is the intellectual capital of their employees. However, many are burdened with an obsolete talent management framework that constrains them in securing and motivating top talent.

Our choice of platform is diversity and inclusion because it is an under-utilized, under-appreciated business development tool that touches all aspects of human capital management."
Pragmatic innovation
Strategic Diversity Advisors provide consulting services on all aspects of Diversity and Inclusion including Client, Workforce, Supplier diversity and Branding.

With our niche track record of commercializing diversity, our expertise allows clients to launch new programs or enhance existing ones - always with an eye towards extending commercial brand, creating a competitive advantage, increasing revenue and ultimately profits.

Through a unique combination of thought leadership, Strategic Diversity Advisors provides a bottom-line perspective to an area often perceived as a social issue.

Sara Meyer-Davis
Managing Partner
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